Katharine C.

“It’s highly personalized and solution-oriented care that makes every effort to get you feeling better! I never once have felt like all my options have been exhausted or lost hope because Dr W is always brainstorming new treatment options and has a pulse on what’s happening the field. She is a compassionate and accessible physician - a valuable combination that can be hard to find.”

Kiran L.

“I felt like the amount of commitment Dr. Cris was giving me, and how knowledgable she was about anything was wonderful. She could put information in layman's terms that I could actually understand. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Cris and she makes it easy to follow the plan. And she doesn't just care about me, she cares about my entire environment- my family.”

Melanie J.

“My life has changed tremendously! I went from having a headache every single day, and migraines 2-3 times a week to having maybe 2-4 migraines a month. Dr. Cris really gave me an improved quality of life.”