Tiffany Lord is resident yoga instructor for International Headache Center, providing a closed loop communication with medical providers to give patients a safe and effective experience. She believes in the power of yoga and loves sharing it!

Tiffany found that yoga, with consistent practice, decreased the amount of migraines she experienced and their intensity. Yoga improved her sleep quality, increased her strength/flexibility, and helped decrease her stress levels too.

Because Tiffany has experienced migraines and understands how mind & body can work together to build strength, she works with her clients to create custom “yoga tool-kits” that fit individual needs and lifestyles.

Tiffany earned her yoga instructor certification through CorePower in 2015 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. She has a background in bodywork, dance, and gymnastics - - all of which influence the alignment-based sequences created for each class (and adds an element of fun to each!).


Jill Lane is the resident nutritionist at International Headache Center, working closely with medical providers. Jill has over 15 years experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She offers tailored nutrition to include your entire health profile.


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