Having completed headache medicine training, I initially founded International HeadAche Center as a membership based clinic where headache patients could build community in order to improve quality of life. My patients and I work together to tailor treatments, including medications but also simple concepts like #vegetablesandvolunteering.

It is beautiful to watch someone, not only be able to bring down their headache burden but also, living a more fulfilled life. Very soon I realized that many people don't know about all the things they could be doing to strengthen and protect their brains, and even prevent neurological diseases like migraine and dementia. Simple things can prolong happiness and bring fulfillment, but our busy lives and piles of information constantly thrown at us make it difficult to filter through and overwhelming.

The #momlifeinitiative was started to make sure busy moms are living their strongest life, while building community and teaching their children early in life by leading by example. I’m excited to join together to change mindset from striving to be symptom free to becoming super versions of ourselves, provide a friendly environment of cooperation between patients and providers and teach generations of people to live their best lives while giving back to community. Thank you!

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