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You are more than your headache and facial pain.

Your Journey IS Important
We’ll listen.


Once the patient profile is complete, we will call you to schedule an appointment. Method of payment will NOT be charged without verbal consent at time of visit.


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A headache medicine clinic built with the headache and facial pain patient in mind, and run by a headache medicine trained neurologist.

We treat you, and not just the headache. At International Headache Center we take a holistic approach and understand that treating headache requires treating the individual. Headache is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders worldwide as well as a leading cause of disability.

Patients who suffer from headache and facial pain can find themselves feeling powerless and alone. We are changing that by providing a nurturing environment and fostering team work between the patient, provider and staff. You know yourself best, therefore we work with you to make and tailor the plan, and help guide you along the way.

Schedule a new patient, headache medicine appointment

Step 1: Fill out the patient profile

  • We will call you to schedule your appointment

  • Your credit card will NOT be charged without your verbal consent.

  • No payment is due until the date of your appointment.

Step 2: Initial visit MUST be in person at our Dallas location (we hope to open other locations soon). We will work with you to coordinate an appointment time.

  • This appointment entails neurological history and exam, plus review of any other medical records. It can be lengthy, so come prepared.

  • You will help tailor your life action plan, and discuss any ancillary testing that might be required with Dr. Cris .

Step 3: After a 2 week waiting period, you can opt into clinic membership which can provide community and help realize your action plan

  • Membership includes in-office or virtual follow up visits, as well as access to an integrative team.

  • Membership can be cancelled without penalty at anytime with 30 days notice.