We've hit the 6-month mark!

It’s been 6 months since opening and our clinic baby is growing, but still not walking on its own.  We’ve had both triumphs and let-downs, but overall are moulding the center into a patient-oriented system.  After spending the Thanksgiving holiday in reflection, I wanted to re-share my purpose behind this blog.

The current healthcare scheme doesn’t always work for patients suffering from chronic pain, specifically headache and facial pain.  There are multiple reasons for this which have to do with the needs of this unique population of patients, as well as the requirements of providers, clinics, and ultimately centers to understand and guide each patient’s headache burden and treatment.

After quite an extensive search, my online experience was lacking in resources and perspective from a headache clinician’s point of view:  the day-to-day of what happens in clinics, from a medical, business and more personal viewpoint; pearls and lessons from both memorable cases, as well as business decisions; but also the overall journey from a healthcare provider’s perspective in fighting for quality care for each patient.

It is important to raise awareness for migraine and other headache/facial pain disorders, and to provide encouragement through both the challenges and victories of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the headache and facial pain clinic.  This could be helpful to patients who wonder why things aren’t ideal, and also to providers who want to branch out.  Or just to anyone who is curious about life as a headache specialist building a holistic, membership-based headache center!

What do you want to hear about? Let us know in the comments area below!

Image by Emily Morter via Unsplash

Image by Emily Morter via Unsplash