A membership based, integrative clinic designed specifically for headache medicine and pioneering preventive neurology with healthy brain hacks and a revolutionary team based approach.

Let's talk healthy brains, build community & revolutionize both headache and health care!

Hack into your Super Self.


A membership based, integrative clinic designed specifically for headache medicine and pioneering proactive neurology.


Headache Medicine

Join our community to enjoy access to the healthiest version of yourself by using a direct care, multidisciplinary approach to headache and facial pain.

Step 1: Fill out the patient profile for initial consultation

  • We will call you to schedule your appointment

  • Your credit card will NOT be charged without your verbal consent.

  • No payment is due until the date of your appointment.

Step 2: Initial visit MUST be in person at our Dallas location (we hope to open other locations soon). We will work with you to coordinate an appointment time.

  • This appointment entails neurological history and exam, plus review of any other medical records. It can be lengthy, so come prepared.

  • You will help tailor your life action plan, and discuss any ancillary testing that might be required with Dr. Cris .

Step 3: After a 2 week waiting period, you can opt into clinic membership which can provide community and help realize your action plan

  • Membership includes in-office or virtual follow up visits, as well as access to an integrative team.

  • Membership can be cancelled without penalty at anytime with 30 days notice.


Proactive Neurology

Where care focuses on achieving your super self, not just symptom free.

Join the initiative to a healthy brain plus body, mind and spirit. Lead by example and set the tone for generations to come.

Choose one of two proactive neurology options:

  1. Group Workshop with a handful of your friends (email us for requests)

  2. 1:1 Consultation in the clinic

    (fill out the patient profile for initial consultation, follow the 3 step guide to your left)





Dr. Cris

Hi, I’m Cristina Wohlgehagen, MD - a family and community oriented neurologist taking a holistic approach to health care: brain plus body, mind and spirit. Following a greater calling, International HeadAche Center organically transformed to IHaC, a place where we take a patient's journey and input into consideration to tailor a proactive and integrative life action plan for both headache patients and symptom free people.

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